7 Wonders New Edition

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• A complete visual revamp of the game all while
keeping its famous mechanics
• 30 minutes per game and up to 7 players, who are
all playing at the same time
• Quick games which are always different thanks to
the variety of cards and boards;
• A game which has a large following and many
expansions which lengthen its life and a game
which has won awards worldwide

In 7 Wonders, you lead an ancient civilization as it rises from its barbaric roots to become a world power. Lead your troops to a military victory or create a nation of artisans and philosophers. Establish a powerful merchant state or master the mysteries of science and technology. Build an architectural wonder that will fascinate for eons to come and rule the most powerful civilization on Earth!

Players: 3 - 7
Ages: 10 - adult
Time: 30 minutes

• 7 Wonder boards• 148 Age cards: 49 Age I cards, 49 Age II cards, and 50 Age III cards• 78 Coins: 54 Coins worth 1 and
24 Coins worth 3• 48 Military Conflict tokens: 24 Defeats and 24 Victories (8 per Age)• 1 score pad• 3 Description of Effects
sheets• 1 List of cards and chains sheet• 1 rulebook

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