Action Cats

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Action cats is a family friendly cards against humanity style game where you compete to tell the secret story of a cat. The judge draws a cat card and names the action cats cat. Players then combine two cards from their hand to form that action cat's story. Embellish and add flair to your tale to win the judges favor. A whimsical and allergy free party game that will leave you saying "awwww!"

Action Cats
 is a game for 3-6 players made up of a deck of 160 cards. Each card has a photo of a cat, and on the reverse side, two halves of an outrageous story.

Players take turns being the "judge," while the rest are storytellers. The judge draws a cat card from the top of the deck and gives the cat a name. The rest of the players each build a story using the cards in their hand. They tell the story to the judge, embellishing all they want (that's the fun part!), and the judge picks their favorite story as the winner!

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