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  • Games Workshop Adeptus Titanicus Rules Set

Games Workshop Adeptus Titanicus Rules Set

Article number: 400-15-60
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The galaxy is on fire. The Emperor's glorious vision for humanity is in ruins, his armies are involved in a civil war. The greatest of these bitter opponents are the mighty god machines of the Adeptus Titanicus.


It also includes a variety of game accessories necessary for playing Adeptus Titanicus: - 6 Titan Command Terminals: 2 for Warlord Titans, 2 for Reaver Titans and 2 for Warhound Titans; large play areas that are used to keep an eye on the status of your Titans during the game; - 2 Questoris Knight command terminals that are used to keep track of the status of your Knight banners during the game; - 28 Titan weapon cards: these double-sided cards are placed on the Titan command terminals to keep track of the weapons you are using, one side showing the profile values ​​of the weapons and the other side indicating that the weapon is deactivated; - 24 mission and combat option cards: these cards show the 6 missions and 18 combat options from the rule book in a handy format; - Field elements and status markers: The field elements consist of 6 plastic miniatures, which represent certain combat options - this set contains 1 macro cannon battery, 1 apocalyptic missile base, 1 command bastion, 1 plasma generator, 1 communication relay and 1 deflector shield relay. There is also an initiative marker, a destroyed titanium head that can be used as a mission target marker, 50 status markers for the command terminals, 6 designation markers for the titans on the battlefield and 3 arch templates to determine the shooting range of a titanium; - 2 reference sheets that depict the phases of the game and provide information at a glance about commands, repair actions, hit throwing modifiers, armor throwing modifiers, rules for butterfly attacks, reactor overload table, table for the awakening of the central machine spirit, table for catastrophic damage, damage effects, damage effects for critical damage and attributes of common weapons; - 21 dice for Adeptus Titanicus: 1 D6 reactor dice, 1 D6 target area dice, 2 numbered D10 dice, 6 D6 command dice, 10 D6 Adeptus Titanicus dice and 1 deviation dice; - 2 transparent explosion stencils and a flame stencil representing large explosions, energy surges and flame tongues.