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  • Eagle Gryphon Games Age of Steam
  • Eagle Gryphon Games Age of Steam
  • Eagle Gryphon Games Age of Steam
  • Eagle Gryphon Games Age of Steam
  • Eagle Gryphon Games Age of Steam
  • Eagle Gryphon Games Age of Steam
  • Eagle Gryphon Games Age of Steam
  • Eagle Gryphon Games Age of Steam
  • Eagle Gryphon Games Age of Steam

Eagle Gryphon Games Age of Steam

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Steam-belching iron horses roar across the wild plains!

Steam-belching iron horses roar across the wild plains! Age of Steam relives the era when pioneering U.S. railroads built the tracks that transformed America's economy. Each self-contained phase in the game keeps players constantly involved in making vital decisions and interacting with other players. You are challenged to:

Finance both the most extensive track network and the most powerful locomotives.

Determine which routes will give the best returns on their costs.

Beat the opposition to the most lucrative shipments.

Make enough money to pay your aggressive creditors.

Age of Steam has been the top-rated train game on BGG for most of the years since it first appeared in 2002.But change is inevitable, and now, nearly 20 years later….


Deluxe Kickstarter

What's new?

Six maps are included on 3 double-sided game boards

Mini-sized (22mm) poker chips have replaced paper money

Classic wooden Track Ownership disks in 6 new player colors replace plastic trains, but cool, small (18mm) wooden trains are available as an inexpensive upgrade

A PVC insert with a clear plastic cover has been added for convenient and clear storage of all components

A huge, heavy-duty box is supplied to carry the weight of potentially 10 maps, 3 new supply boards, 90 poker chips, 144 tiles, and the other new components (see below). This box is a bit bigger and heavier than those we use for the Vital Lacerda games of Lisboa, Gallerist and Vinhos!


3 Double-Sided Game Boards (Rust BeltWestern U.S.Southern U.S.GermanyBarbados, and St. Lucia) -- all mounted on 2mm thick and durable game board stock

3 Display Boards - mounted on thick, game board stock

136 Track Tiles

180 Track Ownership disks (6 sets of 20 Track Ownership disks, 5 Player disks, and 5 extra disks for use with expansions, in 6 player colors; blue, green, yellow, pink, gray, and orange)

96 Goods cubes (20 red, 20 blue, 20 purple, 20 yellow, 16 black, 14 white)

8 New City tiles (1 red, 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 yellow, 4 black)

90 Money chips (40x $1, 40x $5, 10x $25) -- 22mm, composition material, 1.7g, stack easily

1 Turn Track marker -- wooden cylinder

8 Town disks

6 Dice

1 Cloth Bag -- grey with a gold-stenciled logo



China/South America Map

This Age of Steam Expansion expands the game to China and South America.

Steam Brothers started to design expansions mainly for fun and adding re-playability to this great game. Now, with the help of John Bohrer from Winsome Games, we can share our pleasure with all the Age of Steam fans.

With this expansion, you’ll experience new great action such as Diplomatic Pressure in China and El Presidente for the South America.

France/Poland Map

Includes: a 2 sided game board with maps of France and Poland in the new Age of Steam: Deluxe graphic style.

Hungary/Finland Map

Includes: a 2 sided game board with maps of Hungary and Finland in the new Age of Steam: Deluxe graphic style.

Pittsburgh/New England/Switzerland Map

This is a triple mapboard expansion combining previously successful expansion maps. This expansion includes:

Switzerland, (optimally for 3 players and playable by 4, two-panel map);

New England, written for 2 players (single panel); and

Pittsburgh, written for 3 players (single panel)

Moon/Berlin Wall Map

The Moon expansion (first released in 2005) has a "spherical" game board so track can be built off the edges and connect on the opposite side of the board. Play is also affected by the Night & Day phases of the moon. Players must build from the central hex (which counts as a city but has no color or goods) or cities linked to it. The Engineer action now enables players to build three pieces of track. Another new action, Low Gravitation, allows the use of one link belonging to another player during goods and movement phases.

The Berlin Wall expansion (first released in 2008) features a new Engineer action allowing a player to build three pieces of track or remove one red track marker from the board. Goods may be delivered from east to west (and vice versa) only through holes in the wall by removing the red track markers. Red cubes represent the Soviet Army and Blue cubes the American, British and French forces; movement of these cubes is restricted until the round marker reaches the red player marker that was placed at the start of the game. At this point all restrictions are removed!

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