Arkham Horror: The Blood of Baalshandor (hardcover)

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Do you want to see true magic?

For Dexter Drake, the magic of fairy tales and myth had been a lifelong fascination, but it wasn’t until the chance discovery of an old book page during the Great War that Drake opened his eyes to the possibility that magic might truly exist.

Years later, the promise of arcane tomes locked away in Miskatonic University’s special collection drew the stage magician to the sleepy town of Arkham, where the weird and the unusual are hidden beneath a thin layer of normalcy. Lured to an auction of occult items, “Drake the Great” and his assistant Molly Maxwell now find themselves targeted by the depraved servants of an otherworldly force of disease and corruption. It will take more than a little misdirection to get the performer out of this scrape.

Blood of Baalshandor, a novella set in the Arkham Horror Files universe containing four exclusive cards for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

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