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Designer Spotlight - Molly Zeff

Molly Zeff is the head of Flying Leap Games and designer/developer of Wing It, Wing It Beyond, The Million Dollar Doodle, and 2 games under development.


Molly Zeff has worked at and consulted with more than a dozen social enterprises that fight poverty and other social problems in innovative ways through market-based approaches. As an MBA student at Yale School of Management, Molly studied social enterprise management, nonprofit management, marketing/brand building, management of global catastrophes, and management of nonmarket stakeholder relationships, such as those with NGOs, media, and governments.

More recently, Molly transitioned full time into the game design industry by cofounding Flying Leap Games in 2017. Her company is now in process of launching its second and third products.

Specialties: Designing brand-building and networking strategies; creating streamlined processes to improve efficiency in training new staff and running national events programs; hiring, training and supervising brand ambassadors; curriculum development; event-planning; developing social networking strategies; grants database research and maintenance; community organizing; training in business skills; building national networks.


Link: Flying Leap Games