Kamigami Battles River of Souls

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Each player plays as the Lord of a mansion and hires maids to fill out their house to become the King of Maids! The end goal is simple enough, the player who has the most Victory Points at the end of the game wins! Player's acquire Victory Points by employing a variety of maids and 'Love' cards that allow for different strategies. You can even employ Private Maids that stick around to use their special powers each per turn! Some give you a bonus, or affect your opponents in a negative way. But beware, your opponents can make your maids sick or give them bad habits, affecting your maids in negative ways and decreasing your Victory Points! The game art is in the Japanese anime style and uses the theme of maids commonly seen in anime!

Please note this is an expansion/game accessory and does not include the full game which is sold separately. A box designed to fit the first four Tanto Cuore sets, including the core set Tanto Cuore, and the expansions Expanding the House, Romantic Vacation, and Oktoberfest, as well as the new Maid Randomizer deck which it comes with. It is a limited release item from the Oktoberfest Kickstarter. The Randomizer deck improves gameplay by allowing for randomly balanced games and unpredictable combinations, leveling the playing field for veteran players and new players by forcing both to form unique strategies. This was previously only available through a fan-made website, but is now a great facet of the official game. High gloss with thick high quality cardboard. Every box is printed with a Limited Edition number Include the Randomizer Deck (66 General Maids, 4 Chambermaid Chiefs and 4 Maid Chiefs) Each maid type has a different colored back

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