D&D Beholder Trophy Plaque

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Capture beauty in the eyes of the Dungeons & Dragons Beholder Trophy Figure, but beware, one glance can put you to sleep, place you under a charm, or even lead to your demise. WizKids is pleased to announce the upcoming release of this wonderful decorative piece to all Dungeons & Dragons fans far and wide, coming to friendly local game stores this September.

Bring the Dungeons & Dragons Beholder Trophy Figure, as seen on the Stream of Annihilationto your castle, throne room or living quarters with this stunning recreation. With its spectacular “glass-like” eyes, nothing can escape its gaze.

Made from foam, rubber, and latex that has been carefully hand-painted for realistic detail, the Dungeons & Dragons Beholder Trophy Figure is designed with an integrated multi-point hard point system which allows you to hang the figure from the ceiling.

  • A hard point eyelet at top enables the figure to hang level, looking straight ahead.
  • A second eyelet positioned further back on head allows for hanging the trophy higher with a downward glance towards the Beholder’s prey.
  • Hard point eyelets on the bottom of figure allow for additional securing to prevent swinging or torqueing that could play havoc with security systems.

Please Note: Mounting hardware not included. Professional installation required.

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