Ladies & Gentlemen

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The unusual and asymmetric game Ladies & Gentlemen brings players into the world of glamour. In teams of two – one playing a man, the other a woman – the players try to pull together the best-looking and most famous couple who will attend the big ball. The gentleman's duty is to make as much money as possible, which the lady will then spend on jewelry, clothes, and exclusive accessories. Each team has its own action cards to carry out its tasks, and the more that the players embody their characters – flirtatious, fashion-obsessed ladies, and rich, arrogant, pretentious gentlemen – the more fun and explosive the game will be!

The victorious team is the one whose lady is the most elegant at the end of the game. Each gentleman will gain money from the Stock Market by making sales and fulfilling contracts while his lady will fill her wardrobe with the most gorgeous dresses by getting the most fashionable items from the various stores in the game.
Features; An asymmetric game with an original theme. A stunning mix of opportunism, tactics and mockeries. An ambiance game within everyone's grasp.

Players: 4 - 10
Ages: 14 - adult
Time:  30 minutes

5 street tiles
5 support panels
5 special tokens
25 visit tokens
75 wardrobe cards
20 servant cards
20 artisan cards
60 tokens
48 bank notes
15 contract cards
5 market value cards
1 rulebook

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