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  • WIZKIDS/NECA Star Trek Attack Wing Borg Cube Sphere with Sphere Port
  • WIZKIDS/NECA Star Trek Attack Wing Borg Cube Sphere with Sphere Port

WIZKIDS/NECA Star Trek Attack Wing Borg Cube Sphere with Sphere Port

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Star Trek: Attack Wing – Borg Cube with Sphere Port Premium Figure

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Star Trek: Attack Wing, an exciting, fast-paced miniatures battle game set in the Star Trek Universe. Players control Federation, Klingon or Romulan Starships — outfit them with captains, crew, weapons & tech upgrades — and command their fleet to complete missions or exert control over a sector of space.

The Borg Cube with Sphere Port is one of the most formidable technologies known to the Federation. Its lack of identifiable function spaces, such as a bridge, engineering, or personal quarter, reveals the hive-like Borg collective consciousness and its drones. It not only carries “smart” weaponry that adapts, but it also can analyze an opponent’s weapons systems and adapt defenses within seconds.

In 2373 a cube tried to conquer Earth by altering the timeline, but was destroyed with concentrated weapons fire by a Starfleet Armada. It ejected a smaller, spherical ship, a Borg Sphere, which created a time vortex that allowed the sphere to travel back in time in an effort to stop humanity’s first contact with an alien species.

Attack Wing players will recognize the look of the massive Borg Cube Premium Figure, but this new version contains a surprise. Inside the Borg Cube lies a spherical port that is home to the Sphere 936. Just like in the movie “First Contact”, the Borg Sphere can detach from the Borg Cube and join in the battle or it can be played separately as its own ship. Additionally, there is a brand new “First Contact” Scenario that allows up to five players to play cooperatively and take on the Borg threat.

Here is how the scenario works:


Each player builds a 120 SP Fleet using the special rules for this scenario and the standard Squad Building Rules (on Pg. 21 of the Full rules of Play). Players set up around the perimeter of the play area within Range 1 of any edge. Cube 384 is placed directly in the center of the play area. The Borg Cube starts with 30 Shields and 30 Hull for each player. Mark the total number of shields on the Shield Tracker and the total number of hull on the Hull Tracker. Shuffle the Battle Objective Deck and Borg Attack Deck and place them face down next to the play area.



  • Cube 384 makes a number of attacks each turn equal to the number of players.
  • Cube 384 attacks using the effect of the Borg Attack Card in play.
  • Cube 384 attacks the ships closest to it.
  • Cube 384 cannot target the same ship with more than one attack each turn.
  • Cube 384’s attacks can be cancelled, but any effect that cancels its attack only cancels the attack for the ship that activated the cancelling effect.
  • Any ship that cancels an attack of Cube 384 is dealt 2 normal damage.


  • Cube 384 cannot have its shields affected or bypassed by any game effect.
  • Cube 384 is not dealt damage cards, instead its shields and hull are tracked in its Shield and Hull Trackers.
  • Cube 384 repairs 1 damage per player to either its shields or hull at the beginning of each turn.


  • Cube 384 cannot be moved or placed by any game effect.
  • Cube 384 has a Captain Skill of 5.
  • Cube 384 cannot be equipped with any Captains, Admirals, Upgrades or Resources.
  • Cube 384 cannot have Auxiliary Power Tokens.
  • All ships except for Cube 384 and Sphere 936 are considered to be part of a single fleet.
  • The words ship and ships on this sheet, the Borg Attack cards, and Battle Objective cards, refer to all ships and squadrons except for Cube 384 and Sphere 936.

Note- Any effect listed on a Battle Objective Card or Borg Attack Card supersedes all special rules.   


At the beginning of each turn, before the planning phase, resolve the below steps in order.

  • Step 1: Overturn the top card of the Battle Objective Card that will be in play until the end of the turn.
  • Step 2: Shuffle all Borg Attack Cards together. Then, overturn the top card of the Borg Attack Deck. This is the Borg Attack Card that Cube 384 will use to attack during the turn.
  • Step 3: Activate a Strategic Advantage effect if desired.
  • Step 4: Cube 384 repairs 1 damage per player to either its shields or hull.
  • Step 5: Resolve the rest of the turn as normal.


Each turn a different Battle Objective Card will be in play. While a B

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