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  • Educa Borras The Surrender of Breda Valazquez 10000pc

Educa Borras The Surrender of Breda Valazquez 10000pc

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Educa's The Surrender of Breda, Velazquez 10000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle.

This is one of the largest fine arts jigsaw puzzles by Educa. The title is The Surrender of Breda, or Las Lanzas, by the Spanish master Diego Velázquez - Puzzle size: 7' x 5'


More information about The Surrender of Breda:

La rendición de Breda (English: The Surrender of Breda, also known as Las lanzas – The Lances) is a painting by the Spanish Golden Age painter Diego Velázquez. It was completed during the years 1634–35, inspired by Velázquez's visit to Italy with Ambrogio Spinola, the Genoese-born Spanish general who conquered Breda on June 5, 1625. The painting depicts the exchange of the key of Breda from the Dutch's possession, to the Spanish.

It is considered one of Velázquez's best works. Velázquez composed The Surrender of Breda into two halves, which included the Dutch leader Justinus van Nassau, and Spanish Genoese general, Spinola. Jan Morris has called it "one of the most Spanish of all pictures".

The Surrender of Breda depicts a military victory, the 1624 Siege of Breda, during the Eighty Years War. This war began due to a revolt against Philip II of Spain by the Seventeen Provinces, which today includes the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Velázquez captured the end of the battle, as he also differentiated the two sides, one which is the Dutch, and the other side, the Spanish. The painting presents the Spanish as a strong force, while including both sides of the battle and depicting facial expressions of fatigue that reflect the reality of war.

The painting was commissioned by Philip IV of Spain between 1630 and 1635 for the palace of Buen Retiro along with the eastern city limits of Madrid. The painting was intended to glorify the military accomplishments and acquisition by the Spanish, uplifting Philip IV. At the time, Spain was in economic decline. The Surrender of Breda was displayed in the Hall of Realms with nineteen other paintings.

The decoration of the Hall of Realms was directed by the Spanish minister, Gaspar de Guzmán, Count-Duke of Olivares. Velazquez was requested to paint relating to the subject of horse riding, one battle scene, and The Surrender of Breda. This work completed by Velazquez represents the most significant and undaunted painting in the Hall of Realms, as well as one of Velazquez's best works. Through the hundreds of paintings that Guzmán made use of, The Surrender of Breda would become the most important piece in the Hall of Realms.

The response to Velazquez's artwork was grand at the very least, with the critical reaction being that The Surrender of Breda was the most impressive Spanish works of art. Also, the artwork solidified Velazquez's effort as the most superb depiction of Spanish Baroque, provided that Baroque art was closely connected to humanity and how people should be seen and represented.

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