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  • Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Organized Play Grand Narrative

Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Organized Play Grand Narrative

Warhammer 40,000 Organized Play Grand Narrative at Recess Games

DATES: September 17th or September 24th
FINAL: October 1st

PRELIMINARIES DATES: September 17th or September 24th. The top 8 from each preliminary will move forward to the Final.

No individual will participate in both preliminaries. If you sign-up for both preliminaries you will be randomly removed from one of the preliminaries & no refund will be provided (entry fee for second preliminary will go towards Grand Narrative finals at Recess Games).

FINAL: October 1st - Invitation Only

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 16 Player max for each event.

COST: $40.00

  • The cost goes towards entry into one preliminary
  • The final will be free
  • $10.00 will go back into your account, the remaining will go towards the Grand Narrative final's purse.

No same day sign-ups.


This is a Games Workshop sponsored event. However due to the limited space and the remodel at Recess it will be divided into two parts. Please read carefully. 

There will be two preliminaries of 16 player with the top 8 of each group advancing to the final round on October 1st.

Each participating player will be able to enter a Games Workshop drawing to win an all expenses paid trip to their New Mexico GT. Register to win by Oct 1st.

The winner of each preliminary round will receive a trophy.

Grand Prize winners will be rewarded on the final round to first, second, and third place.

A prize towards best painted will occur. Fully painted models and display boards are required. All participants are eligible for this award.

Painting requirements: 3 minimum paint colors to receive the in-game 10 paint points

No same day sign-ups.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 16 maximum per event.

Games will be 3 hours in length. When time is called the game is over. Scores will be given when the time is stopped. Talking it out is not permitted. Chess clocks can be provided upon request. 

3 legible paper copies of your list are required, one for each of your opponents.

We will be using the War Zone Nephilim mission pack.

September 17th and 24th participants will play:
    Game 1: 11 - Recover the Relic
    Game 2: 22 - Conversion 
    Game 3: 32 - Death and Zeal

October 1st participants will play:
    Game 1: 13 - Data scry-salvage
    Game 2: 33 - Secure Missing Artifacts
    Game 3: 21 - Abandoned Sanctuaries

Max 3 detachments and 2000pts per player. No restriction on Power Level or Forgeworld.

List submission in the BCP app due by 9:00 pm, September 15th for all events. (If you don't know how to submit your list, please contact Dave DeVito via messenger)

*STARTING AT 9AM* Doors open at 8:30am. Please arrive early for registration and packet distribution/explanation. DICE DOWN 9am sharp.

This event is limited to participants ONLY.

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