7 Wonders Armada Expansion

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• An extra individual board that introduces a whole
new way to play Wonders
• Naval warfare that involves all players, and 27
isles to explore with their fleets to gain benefits
throughout the game.
• 24 new cards that offer increased interaction
between players.
• Compatible with the other expansions for 7
Wonders New Edition: Leaders and Cities

In 7 Wonders, players get hands of cards, pick those that will help them build their City and pass the rest to their neighbor. Their goal build commercial ties, strengthen their military might and build their Wonders. Leaders introduces in the game notable personalities, who offer various advantages. At the beginning of the game, players create a Leader hand from which they will be able to play a leader at the beginning of every age or use him to get money or help build your Wonder. The recruited Leaders will allow you to build certain structures at a cheaper cost, even maybe for free or will be worth victory points or well, with Leaders, the Wonders never cease.

Players: 3 - 7
Ages: 10 - adult
Time: 40 minutes

1 Wonder board • 7 shipyard boards • 28 fleet figures • 24 Armada cards • 27 island cards • 40 naval conflict tokens, 8
military conflict tokens • 2 boarding tokens • 6 coins • 1 score pad • 3 description of new effects sheets • 1 rulebook

This is an expansion for the game 7 Wonders, the basic game is required to play.

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