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Recess Games 24 Studios and After-Hour Memberships are here!

After-Hour Membership $25.00/monthly

If you are here gaming and want to continue after the store closes: $5.00/per person

  • Membership allows you to access Recess Games between 10 pm and 9 am, and reserve studios during normal business hours.
  • Studios after-hours will not require a reservation but will be first come, first served. Studio rental will cost 300 reward points or $12 per hour reserved (minimum 4 hours) and allow up to 7 guests in the one Studio. Reservations that extend beyond regular business hours will be subject to the 1 guest per member rule below. 
  • Memberships must be purchased in-store for now. Member Access works with one registered phone and requires a downloaded app.
  • Members after hours will be allowed 1 guest. Members will incur a 50 reward point deduction per guest in excess of 1. (This only applies to after-hour access)
  • Membership details are available here.
  • This is something new. Rules are subject to change.

Please read and sign the documents.
Bring them into Recess Games to begin your membership.



Reserve the Studio Space

You do not need a membership to reserve during retail hours. However, you must have a membership to reserve a studio that begins outside retail hours.

Once you reserve a studio space, please go to RG24 Reservation to finalize your reservation. Finalizing a reservation is in the form of payment per 4 hours.  If payment has not been made within 1 hour of the reservation, the reservation will be canceled.