Alakazoo Deluxe KS

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Alakazoo is a family board game for 2-4 players. It tells a story of a competition in Magic Tournament. You impersonate Wizards whose task will be to summon one of Fantastic Creatures as soon as possible. Each player receives a special Portal board that consists of 9 fields. Each field contains 2 runes that must be powered with Magic Power in order that a proper element of a Fantastic Creature could appear there. These elements are represented by special cards managed by players.

The course of the game is divided into turns. During each turn players, in rotation, perform one of the actions: acquire Magic Power to activate runes (with spell dice), manage Fantastic Creature element cards, or use the assistance of the Magic Helper (provided they are in possession of one). At the end of their turn, if both runes are active (powered with Magic Power) on any of their Portal's fields, players can summon there their due Fantastic Creature element.
Players must be careful though, as gaining too much Magic Power and/or too many Fantastic Creature elements may result in obtaining the Dark Power token. If they collect too many of such tokens, they will have to purge themselves of Dark Power while losing their turn.

Over the course of the game players will be awarded with points from the audience. At the end of the tournament Magic Jury lead by Archmage will evaluate their proficiency in the art of magic by giving them additional points. The Wizard who will obtain the highest total score will win and receive the title of the Arcanimus.

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